Old Jeep Shifter Identification

Question: Hello..i have just bought a 1957 jeep that has been put together from a few different jeeps that were also from around that year. I cannot figure out exactly what all the damn shifters and levers do. It has a Ford 289 V8 and a Jeep Transmission standard 4 speed. Now there is the main shifter and then there are 3 more to the right on the floor….so what exactly does what? Hope someone can help me…. Thanks Dale


Answer: Dale, great question. I am pretty sure this is what you have. The Model 18 transfer case usually had 2 levers. A high/low range selector and a 2WD/4WD selector. I’d bet your Jeep is equipped with a Warn Overdrive (now known as a Saturn Overdrive) which accounts for the 3rd shifter. The overdrive is a nice addition to an old Jeep, the overdrive provides a .75:1 ratio improving highway driving.

Look under the Jeep at the back of the transfer case. if there is a bolt on rounded gear box on the upper section (in line with the engine center line) that’s the overdrive.

BTW Dale, an old flat fender with a Ford V8 is about as old school as you get. Send some pictures.

More info: Advance Adapters Dana 18 Saturn Overdrive