Liberty Lift – Higher than 2.5 Inches

QUESTION: Hi, I own an 05 Jeep liberty Renegade and currently have a Skyjacker 2.5 coil lift runnin on 265/75/16 mud tires. I love the way it is but I want to go bigger lift and tires. I know it’s possible to lift it higher becasue I’ve seen some pics of some one a 5 inch and another a 12inch. I was wondering if you knew what needed to be done to acheive this. liberty_2007I know I need new front control arms and longer brake lines and streering stablizers and what else do you guys recommend…any companies? I’m willing to do anything to make this happen. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon. Eric

ANSWER: We too have seen Liberty lifts higher than the 2.5″ size made by many manufacturers but they all are custom made lifts. They Liberty can be easily lift 2-2.5″ but more than that messes with the front axle shafts and require alterations to the A arms. Most recommend against lifting the Liberty higher than the 2.5″ size unless you have good fabrication skills and the tools.