Jim’s 1951 Willy’s 2 Door Station Wagon

Trying to find someone that can help identify my Jeep. I have a lot of “hear-say” info from the original purchaser from the U. S. Army, but nothing in writing to back his story up. I believe it is a 1951 civilian station wagon 4×4, purchased by the Army as an experiment with using them as Litter Carriers. According to Military Vehicles Mag the Army bought 1,000 as a test. It has the military ID tag on the glove compartment door. It was purchased at a Salvage sale at Camp Atterbury, Indiana by a neighbor, when the camp closed in 1954. I bought it from the son of the purchaser. I have “hear-say” from a couple of members of the hospital unit there during the Korean War period, that remember driving it. But nothing of real proof. Any ideas or a place to go to ?? Thanks, Jim West

Gee Jim, I have no idea and am stumped. We typically only cover domestic Jeeps but I’ll post your info and maybe some of the military Jeep buffs can shed some light.

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