Jeep Wrangler JK Order Times

Reader Question: Hi! I am wondering if anyone can tell me how long it will be before the Jeep I ordered will be ready? The dealership we ordered from said 6-8 weeks. We ordered on March 21st, 2007. It is a Jeep Unlimited Rubicon loaded. We called about 5 weeks ago to check status and they said roughly from 8-12 weeks from the time ordered. I called 2 weeks ago and they said that it was “now in D status” which meant it was being built. We called again today (I know..we are such pain in the and they said it was still in D status. It does have a VIN though. I have also heard that some people have waited up to 6 months for theirs. By that time, summer will be over. We planned a vacation thinking that we would have the Jeep by then. I guess we may not after all. Our vacation starts June 23rd. It doesn’t matter, we are still going to get it. We are true Jeep fans but would love some answers and haven’t been lucky with getting any yet. You would think SOMEONE could tell me how much longer. I am just wondering what other peoples experiences are as far as ordering a Unlimited Jeep Rubicon? Thanks in advance for any info. Sherri

Answer: I wish I could help but only the Jeep company knows. There are so many issues that can pop up during the build of a Jeep. I waited 3 days short of 4 months – I thought it would be 8 weeks! It seems that Rubicons only account for 10% of the total JK’s being built. I had to just be patient. It’s too bad you may not have your Jeep for summer, I can tell you they are a blast. Hang in there…it will come.

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  1. Yeah….we are being patient. What else can ya do, ya know. We could go out there and buy some other vehicle but we really want a Jeep so we will continue bieng patient. Thanks for you quick reply. You are really cool! Have a great summer!

  2. I ordered my Rubicon Unlimited Feb 21st 2007 and I was told it was just released by the factory June 12th and to expect it June 29, 30th.

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