Jeep V8 Conversion Clutch Question

Question: I’m in the process of swapping a 350 into a CJ-7. My question regards the clutch plate. Advance Adapters talks about a “high profile” diaphragm plate, and gives a Centerforce part #. None of my parts suppliers have heard of a high profile plate and recommend an OEM replacement. (The Centerforce # does cross to the OEM application) Are they actually different in their physical dimensions, or can I use a stock replacement? No one here stocks Centerforce, so I can’t get them side by side and compare. Any help would be appreciated, and thanks in advance. Michael K.

Answer: There is a clutch difference when installing a Chevy into a Jeep using a Jeep transmission. You didn’t mention the transmission you are using but my advice is follow Advance Adapters recommendations. Novak Adapters makes excellent Jeep conversion products also. You will save time, money, and aggravation by using their set ups.

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