Jeep Security – Keeping your stuff yours!

We all know the fun and freedom of a convertible vehicle, we also know the potential security problems with them also. Some of us have been the victim of theft from our Jeeps. I feel it beneficial to go over some common sense practices when leaving your Jeep somewhere. Realistically, if someone wants something bad enough in your Jeep (or heaven forbid, your Jeep itself) it’s difficult to stop a determinined criminal. Taking steps to prevent this Jeep tragedy from happening are sometimes our only means.

In general keep objects in your Jeep out of sight, a theif in this case is usually an opportunist looking for a quick grab and go. They usually aren’t going to take the time to look around. Don’t invite a problem by advertising something. Know where you are leaving your Jeep – an incident can happen anywhere (sometimes the best places make the best targets) but some places may be more prone to problems.

If your Jeep has a hard top, lock it up, keeping in mind the above.

If your Jeep has a soft top with lockable doors – lock it up, keeping in mind the above but remember a soft top is easily cut open.

If your Jeep has a soft top without lockable doors – Your top isn’t really doing anything for you except keeping things dry. At least the person interested in your stuff hopefully will not damage anything since they can just open the door.

No top – Anything inside is just a reach away – if it’s not there it can’t be taken!

Options to help reduce your risk. Tuffy Security Products manufactures a variety of high quality lockable items that you can add to your Jeep to help. Cargo drawers, center consoles, glove boxes, and underhood lockable storage are just some examples of what they offer.

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  1. Great tips. There are lots of thieves now a days. So its really a must if we follow the basic safety measures such as keep the jeep door close and locked at all times. This is necessary to avoid intruders to our car. Well security alarms would also help. We really have to be very careful nowadays, for who knows we might be just the next victim of car theft.

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