Jeep mods are Jeep mods – good, bad, ugly but still mods

I see all different kinds of Jeeps around the internet. From ones that sit on 40″ Boggers to ones that are slammed-to-the-ground low riders (shown on left). Personally I can’t see why anyone would make a Jeep a low rider in any way or do anything to a Jeep that lowers it’s stance. It just seems wrong but who am I to judge. (If this is your Jeep no offense) I think the real point is that it is good to see anyone doing some sort of modifcation to a Jeep. Times change and peoples tastes change – there isn’t any real right or wrong. It is in the eyes of the beholder.
The Jeep has been called the “ultimate template” waiting for someone to change something on it. Jeeps are not meant to spend their lives just carrying you from one place to another. They are meant to carry you up, down, through, over, and whatever else in a way that defines you.
It seemed for a few years a way back that the automotive industry was slowing down, low horsepower, plain looking vehicles didn’t give a good starting point. There wasn’t a whole lot out there to get, some modifications weren’t legal (some still aren’t at that) and some just weren’t worth doing. In the late 90’s the off road world seemed to come alive. Trail riding and Jeep modification took off and is still going strong today. There are now so many Jeep products out there it is hard for some to choose. Thanks to the internet finding and researching stuff for your Jeep is easier than ever!
I think the new JK Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited will make a fine addition to the Jeeping community. The new four door Unlimited will bring a new crowd of Jeepers that maybe would never consider buying a 2 door because of a family, need for space, street ride, etc…The new four door will probably bring back an old crowd too.