Jeep CJ T-150 to T5 Swap

Question: I have a 1979 CJ 7 with a T150 3-speed. I came across a T5 5speed Borg & Warner with 26K miles. Will they swap out? Will the T5 bolt up to the 258 AMC 6 cylinder? Are adapters necessary? Thanks,

Richard in El Paso
Answer: Richard, I am going to assume it’s a Jeep T5 and no they won’t bolt up. Although were both factory offered Jeep transmissions the bell housing bolt patterns are different and were both mounted to different transfer cases. The T150 came with the Dana 20 transfer case and the T5 was on a Dana 300. To more complicate things the T5 is quite a bit longer than the T150 so the drive shafts would need to be changed. If you had everything from the bell housing to the drive shafts the entire thing would almost bolt in. Some other problems would be the hole in the floor where the shifter comes through and the mount/skid plate.