Jeep CJ Factory Body and AMC 401 V8, is it real?

QUESTION: Hello,I just bought a 1980 Jeep-I’m not sure what model it is-CJ5 or 6 or 7. It has a factory fiberglass body that I was told come from the factory. It has a 401 V8 motor. The whole front end comes up and makes it easy to work on the motor. Is this Jeep rare? Some info would sure help out. Thanks Mike

ANSWER: As far as we know Jeep never offered a fiberglass body or a 401 from the factory.  This is one of those things we are 99.9% sure of.  On occasion a dealer would make a special model and change engines but I haven’t ever seen a dealer installed glass body.

You say you aren’t sure of what kind of CJ it is.  Check out the Jeep Spotters Guide to help you figure that out.

As far as rare Jeeps are concerned there aren’t many.  Jeeps never seem to carry the kind of value a special car might carry.
Send us a picture of the Jeep, we’d like to check it out.