It must be nice to be this guy

As a webmaster I must endure these lovely SPAM e-mails. First off, does not sell any products. We are an information site entertaining and educating Jeepers everywhere. The e-mails read something like this…

FirstName: Bobby
LastName: Lee
comments: Dear sir/madam,
I’m interested to order any Product
(JF NOTE: “any product” ??? we don’t sell anything)
from your company. Before we go any further, please let me ask you these questions:
– Do you ship worldwide to Singapore?
(JF Note: ship what?)
– Do you accept Mastercard or Visa by phone/email? (JF Note: for what?)
For those I will responsible for the fees. I think that wouldn’t be a problem as I am sure that you can ship via FedEx or UPS and that you have a merchant account to accept credit Card payment, but once again, I just want to make sure.
Please respond immediately so we can start ordering.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Warm regards,
Bobby Lee

Isn’t Bobby Lee a nice guy…I almost want to sell something just so he could buy it. I can’t believe people may still fall for this.


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