Holy SH&^, Paragon Could Re-Open

In a Times Leader article it states “The owner of Paragon Adventure Park scored another victory in court today when a judge ruled that Kyle Knosp – the off-road-vehicle park owner – would keep possession of the park’s land until all appeals on a lease issue have been exhausted.”

This is turning into a roller coaster story fitting of a Hollywood movie. Imagine me doing that movie guy voice “Paragon Adventure Park, the modern day, David and Goliath story. On question remains…will we wheel?”

To every Jeeper out there: If the park truly re-opens we need to go wheeling, make sure we are on our best behavior when there, patronize the local stores and restaurants, and show how much of a good thing we are for the surrounding area.

I seriously thought when I left Paragon last Saturday that would be it…perhaps the little guy can win.

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