Haven’t felt like this in a while

1st official day driving the new Rubicon and it was certainly a pleasure. The new JK could be defined as the 21st century Jeep that remembers it’s roots. 3 times I got the “looks like a Hummer” but I have already trained myself to accept the ignorance of others.

It been a while since I have driven something that looks very different and I find myself wondering – what’s he lookin at?, and I realize it’s the Jeep. When I drive the CJ I still get looks but not like I used to, ya know, 33’s aren’t very big anymore.

Being immersed in the subject of Jeeps I quickly forget that others (I can’t imagine why) are not Jeep people and don’t even seem to notice. A woman I work with said to me today as I was coming in, “Did you get a new car, what the heck is that?” I say a Jeep Wrangler. She says but it has 4 doors. I give her the look-like-shes-from-outer-space and say didn’t you know that they make a 4 door now? Then she give me the look-like-hes-from-outer-space stare and I realize the truth about non-Jeep people. I forgive them.

I’ll enjoy the looks while they last, and I will take the time to educate the non-Jeep types out there.

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  1. When spring rolls around and you take the doors off, the Hummer comments should stop.

    Me, I opted for the half-doors, partly because it looks more like a Jeep, but mostly because I prefer the open-air feeling but hate having to truck around the full doors in the cargo area.

    Great blog!

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