Going Racing – Someday

Ever since I was a kid I proclaimed when I am old enough I am going to build a Jeep and take it East Coast 4WD Association Racing. I was going to run a Jeep with a V8 that was loud and sounded cool. I would give the Jeep a name and run paddle tires whenever I could.

kempton08-still930 years laters and still no racing or racer. It’s gotta happen.

Here’s the plan…Buy a square headlight Wrangler. These babies go pretty cheap now-a-days – $500 to $1500. The 1st generation Wrangler still had leaf springs which do well with the pounding a racer can take. In addition they have a wider and stronger frame than a CJ while still keeping the 94″ wheelbase.

My plans would include stripping the Wrangler of near everything but a body and frame. The engine, transmission, and axles would all be replaced with something stronger.

This will be an ongoing project with ideas brewing all along.

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