GM Generation III Small Block as a Conversion Engine

I have been reading more and more of how successful a GM Generation III Small Block into a Jeep has been. With growing aftermarket support and parts this conversion is sure to keep on going.

The Novak Conversions company has been making adapters and conversion components for Jeeps since the 60’s and is still at it today. Here is what they had to say about the Generation III swaps.

The rise in poularity of the GM Generation III+ Small Block V8’s has been meteoric. They feature tremendous power, efficiency, clean-burning, and well supported computer and wiring systems. Like their Small Block predecessors, the Gen. III+ family features availability, outstanding parts interchangeability, compactness and light weight, plus the fact that these engines fit nicely in most Jeeps. We expect them to surpass the Chevrolet Small Block in frequency of conversion before the end of this decade.

The Generation III small block showed up in GM vehicles in 1997 and is a complete redesign of the tried and true Chevy small block.

For more info and available conversion components check out the Novak website…

The Novak Guide to the GM Generation III V8 Engines