Ditch the BBD Carburetor

Question: I am rebuilding my 1984 CJ 4.2L and would like to scrap that old computer controlled carb, any suggestions?

Answer: The Carter BBD carb has always been problematic, I personally fought with one of these until a Chevy V8 found it’s way in. I have seen many options for this. First you should decide if you want to keep a carburetor or make the jump to fuel injection. I am not going to debate EFI here but rather list just options. Make sure your conversion is smog legal where you live. Most of the EFI systems are.

Fuel Injection: Mopar – Mopar makes an EFI system that is similar to the system found on the later model 4.0L engines in the following models Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Wrangler YJ, Wrangler TJ. This system will require the largest installation time and cost the most. Howell – Howell makes a throttle body system that just replaces the carburetor, fuel pump, and electronics. Personally I know someone who did this conversion and has had good success. See Matt’s Jeep. Holley – Holley makes a similar system to the Howell.

Carburetors: Weber – This is a common conversion with good results. The all mechanical carb removes all eletronics from the fuel system. Motorcraft 2100 – This carb can be found for cheap, rebuilt and bolted right to the Jeep, you may need to play with the choke. This will most likely move your Jeep to non-smog legal though.