Complaining about the big three

Here’s a bit of mail from one of our ex-readers…

I am bitterly disappointed that your name is “Jeep fan” but it seems you are more “JK, TJ, & CJ fan”. I will never again visit these pages. You guys need to acknowledge that there are other Jeeps than those 3, and some even legendary, like the XJ. Clearly you are bandwagoners, jumping to the latest fad rather than offering a true representation of “Jeep”. It’s a shame you all choose to forget the rest of us, but I and my friends and NAXJA will certainly forget you.

I guess this does go under the saying you can’t please everyone but our ex-reader is partially correct. We do tend to focus on the larger population of Jeep vehicles but being accused of forgetting, bandwagoning, and jumping to the latest fad is completely inaccurate. Are CJ’s still a fad? Remember when the TJ first arrived and traditional Jeepers were like – what is this? The TJ turned out to be the most popular and capable Jeep ever – hardly a fad.

Our ex-reader only really seemed interested in the Jeep he or she owned – the XJ. (BTW – The XJ is a very capable and popular Jeep itself. It is a shame the the model was discontinued in 2000 to make way for the Liberty) We actually do have a few XJ’s mixed around the site and would gladly add more. Perhaps we should have been reminded about not forgetting other Jeeps too like the J Series trucks, FS Cherokee, Wagoneer, Commando, Liberty, etc. Our ex-reader isn’t probably interested in them though.

Anyway, sorry you feel that way.

The club our ex-reader referred to is the North American XJ Association obviously a club for XJ and MJ owners only.