CJ V8 Swap Question – 360 from a Wagoneer

Question: I have a stock 1978 CJ7 and I want to put a 360 in it. I have a 3 speed transmission. If I take one out of a Wagoneer with an automatic transmission what will I have to change out? flywheel? bell housing? motor mounts?

Answer: You didn’t mention the year of the Wagoneer but most had a driver side drop transfer case which will not work in a CJ. Often the later model Wagoneers had a Quadratrac or NP transfer case. Most likely you will need to use your transfer case or a Dana 300 from a 81 or later CJ. The Dana 300 will bolt right to a NP equipped automatic. To make matters more complex..if the Wagoneer had a 727 automatic you will need to make sure the Jeep has 3+ inches of lift or the front drive shaft will hit the transmission. The good thing here is the motor mounts are the same. Adding the automatic will require altering the front and rear drive shaft lengths.

If you wanted to keep the 3 speed the swap is simple. Just switch engines and everything will bolt right up.

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