CJ-7 Handling after 4.5" Lift

Question: I have a 83 CJ-7 , I just put a Rubicon Express 4.5″ lift on it and it’s all over the road. When you hit the gas it pulls to the left and when you let off it goes to the right hard. when you turnrub-re5525 a corner the rear axle rubs the exhaust now. Does anyone offer a track bar (front and rear) set up? what should I do? I have too much side to side movement. It has a ford 9″ rear end and a GM Vortec 350 engine with lots of torque. Again, do you know or recomend a track bar system? Nathan Bruner

Answer: Torque steer is usually a result of to much drag link angle caused by the 4.5″ lift. The two solutions to help with the problem are 1. a drop pitman arm or 2. tie rod flip kit. There aren’t any track bar solutions that I have ever seen. The YJ used a front and rear track bar but I have never seen it adapted. Regarding your exhaust problem…the higher arch in the springs are probably allowing more (and freer) movement allowing the axle to contact the exhaust. You may need to alter the exhaust to compensate.