Baking in the sun, soaking in the rain – protect your interior

For those of you lucky enough to live in an area that allows you to go topless with your Jeep for more than a few days in a row we envy you. If you are like me you may want to consider something to help protect your Jeep’s interior when the top is off. If you have an old Jeep with nothing inside, no carpets, no real electronics or have a newer Jeep and just don’t care then maybe I have no advice for you.

I had a 1980 CJ-7, had nothing on it but a bikini top on it for 3 months in a PA summer. I used a big garbage bag when I new it would rain just to keep the seat dry. That was the best summer with a Jeep. In later years I had a new 1989 Wrangler, it had full carpet and nice cloth seats, I really didn’t want that wet but still wanted the hard top off. I invested in a cab cover and bikini top from Bestop. The cab cover was used to cover it when it was parked and the bikini top seemed to do just fine in the case it was raining and I was driving. There were times though I wish there was something better. Read on…

My buddy Glenn has a Windbreaker bikini top for his CJ-7. This is a clever bikini top that contains sides and a back that will cover up your Jeep in a few minutes. (TJ model shown on the left) These tops do not require framing and store within itself. Originally sold by Rock Gear (out of business it seems) now sold by Viking Offroad. This top allows the flexibility of a top for protection from the elements and fast removability and storability unlike a regular soft top.

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  1. Right now, i got soft top cover from bestop. Which suits in any climate condition. It’s been a rainy week but i don’t have worries on my carpet and other jeep accessories.

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