AMC V8 Tech Question

QUESTION: I have a chance to buy a 1976 CJ-7 with an automatic trans and 304 engine. The body is in great condition but naturally the interior has it’s problems, all original.
The 304 seems pretty well used, is a 360 just a bored out 304 or what engine would you suggest for a horse power gain with a minimun amout of trouble? Bob

ANSWER: A 360 is not technically a bored out 304 but will bolt right in place of a 304. All AMC V8 engines since about 1965 share the same outer dimensions and mounting points but vary in bore and stroke to obtain different a CID. A 360 has a wider bore and longer stroke. A few performance modifications can wake up a 304 if the essence of the engine is good. An all stock 360 swap will not bring too much more HP since they only were rated about 30-50 more HP.

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