CJ Hood Interchangeability

Question: I am restoring a CJ-5, it was a project when i got it. I have a hood from a golden eagle but it doesn’t mate up with the fenders. It mates up perfect with the tub and it looks ok with the grill but there is a gap about 1″ between the hood and the top of the fender. Any idea what i can do to fix this? Everybody (4 Wheel Hardware, Quadratec) tells me the hoods are inter-changeable BUT THEY AINT! Thanks for any & all help. Glenn

Answer: All Post 72 CJ’s use the same hood and they are indeed interchangeable. I’d guess you have a variety of aftermarket replacement fenders that are poorly made. I have encountered several kinds of aftermarket Jeep parts that vary from the proper dimensions. I wonder how the original Jeep hood fit…do you ever have another hood on it? Another suggestion, check that the bottoms of the fenders line up with the bottom of the body. It may be worth trying an original Jeep fender if you have access to one.