1975 to 1976 CJ-5 Frame Swap

Question: I have a 1975 CJ-5 Jeep and I am looking replace the framebecause the old one is bent. I have purchased items from Quadratec.com over the past several years and I was looking at their frames. The frame they have is for a 1976 CJ-5. Would that frame fit my 1975 or would I have to do modifications to get both of them to fit? Chad

Answer: It wouldn’t fit without major modifications. The 72-75 frames are completely different than 76-83 frames. The major differences are the 76-83 frames widened between the front and rear wheels and the rear uses the 2.5″ spring packs. Also worth mentioning full boxed frame, different skid plate, body mounts in different places, and a different body. You are kinda in a pickle since I don’t think there is any aftermarket frame manufacturers for the 72-75 CJ-5. If your frame is bad maybe your body is bad too…maybe get a 76-up frame and a replacement 76-up body?