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tech Guide to a Jeeper's Garage
for those of us with a "real world" income

Ed Spigel's Garage

Most of us dream of more stuff for our garage to allow us to do more stuff to our Jeeps.  This section attempts to cover what we believe makes up a Jeeper's Garage.  Now most of us do not have the funds required to outfit our garages with all the good stuff that the magazines, professionals, and television shows have but there are some things we all should have and can usually afford, read on.

this section is a new addition to check back for frequent updates

Hand Tools
Wrenches, Sockets/Ratchets, Files, Clamps, Pullers, Cutters, Grippers, Drivers, HackSaw...more


Big Tools
Air Compressor, Welder, Grinder, Floor Jack, Jack Stands, Drill Press, Shop Crane

Air Tools
Impact Wrench, Die Grinder, Air Ratchet

Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Locks, etc.


Specialty, Special Purpose, and Misc Tools
Engine, Axle, Transmission, Drivetrain.  Creepers, testers, readers, etc...Tools that do not fit in other categories but need mention!

Measuring Tools
Tape measure, Square, Protractor, Angle Finder

Jack Stands, Goggles, Dust Masks, Respirator, Gloves, Boots, Welding Helmets, Fire Extinguisher

Hand, Degreaser, Brake, Mineral Spirits, Parts Cleaner

Shelves, Cabinets, Tool Boxes, Storage, Trays

Outdoor, Dust, Vehicle

Heating and Cooling
Air Conditioners, Fans, Electric Heaters, Fueled Heaters

Electrical Tools
Multi Meter, Test Light, Crimper, Wire Stripper, Jumpers

Electrical Supplies
Wire, Fuses, Connectors, Tape

Advanced Skill  and "Make Life Easier" Tools
Tubing Bender, Shop Press, Acetylene Torch

"Money to Burn" Garage Items
Vehicle Lift, Pole Buildings, Metal Buildings

Power Tools
Drills, Angle Grinders, Sanders, Band Saw


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