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JB Conversions LoMax 300 Dana 300 4:1 Gear Set
Some information by JB Conversions

The LoMax gear set has been designed to achieve maximum gear strength and the lowest possible reduction ratio for the Jeep Dana 300 transfer case. For over 2 years, the LoMax gear design effort has been an independent project of JB Conversions, Inc. and bears no affiliation with any other aftermarket gear manufacturer. The LoMax design features that set it apart from others are incorporated into all areas of the gears. Tooth volute shapes and face finish, gear hub thicknesses, and manufacturing tooling & processes yield a gear set far superior to any other gears being produced for the Dana 300. The LoMax gears were designed as a complete 5-gear "set" from the very beginning. This means there were no strength-limiting tooth size restrictions forcing the new gears to mesh with smaller stock gears. As you will see in the accompanying photo comparisons, the result of this "clean slate" philosophy is a set of gears with massive, helical gear teeth with tremendous strength capacity.

Another practice commonly used in aftermarket gear production is one that we have chosen NOT to adopt. This practice involves the use of two piece gear construction. Several of the gears used in competing gear sets are manufactured using a process which calls for pressing and welding two gears together to form one piece. This two-piece process allows for a more simple manufacturing process and much cheaper gear cutting tools. The strength of a solid gear over a comparable sized two-piece gear is indisputable. All LoMax gears are cut from a single slug of alloy. The cutting tools required for this type of construction are extremely expensive however we feel the benefits are well worth the investment.

LoMax 300 parts breakdown

The LoMax gears are not entirely new. They have been proven without fail through the rigors of western rockcrawling and the high throttle abuse characteristic of the Tellico area of North Carolina. The LoMax gears are compatible with both the long and short tail versions of the Dana 300. Although not required, it is highly recommended that a complete rebuild accompany the installation of the LoMax gears. Supplimental rebuild kits are available from JB Conversions, Inc.. New detent springs are also supplied with our gear kit. We have found in many cases that twin stick applications will create a tendency for disengagement of the clutch rings while under load. Often this condition is amplified with the installation of lower range gears. For this reason we recommend the use of the two detent springs supplied in the kit.

The track record of the LoMax gearset has been excellent. There has not been a single gear failure regardless of the severity of use. Western rockcrawling competitors use our gears as well as many of the heavy footed folks who power their rigs through the rigors of Tellico N.C. and the mud bogs of the Northeast.

When the LoMax gears were prototyped in 2000, the intended use was strictly hard core abuse. Our gears were tested in the rigs shown below. 39.5" and 44" tires accompanied with two hot small block Chevys and a hopped up AMC 401 put our gears to the test and they all passed without a flaw.


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