Rough Country TJ 2.5″ Lift Kit Install – Part 2

Front Installation – continued

It is easier to install the new springs with the sway bar links and lower track bar mount disconnected. This allows the axle to move further and more freely.

sway bar link disconnected

spring and shocks removed

On most Jeeps with stock springs you will need to remove the lower spring retainer clip – shown on the right. Allow the axle to lower watching the brake lines to make sure they don’t pull to far and pull out the spring. A pry bar may come in handy to help removing the spring.

Spring retainer clip

Installing the new springs will be easier with a coil spring compressor. It seems we “lent” out ours and were stuck improvising. Luckily the spring only requires a minimal amount of compression to allow the installer to muscle the spring in place.

spring comparison

Use caution if you are going to use this method. Place the upper section of the coil in place. Using a ratcheting strap attach the strap to the lower coils of the spring and loop the strap up over the upper spring/shock mount. Tighten on the strap down compressing the spring. Using a pry bar pop the spring onto the lower mount. Rotate the spring to allow the bottom of the spring to seat properly in the spring pocket.

using a ratchet strap
as a spring compressor

After both springs are installed install the shocks to the lower mount first then using a floor jack raise the axle slightly. Pull the shock apart and install the upper bushings, washers, and nut.

Raise the axle further and reattach the sway bar links. Reinstall the axle retainer clips of the Jeep was equipped and raise the axle to bear the Jeeps weight. Wait to reattach the track bar until the Jeep is on its own weight. Install the front tires, remove the jack stands, lower the Jeep.

With a helper turning the front wheel align the track bar bolt and reinstall. Double check all the nuts and bolts that were removed and now it’s time to do the rear.

Part 3 – Rear Installation