Paragon Adventure Park Trail Run – Indian Summer

It was a rare day in eastern Pennsylvania, the temperatures were in the 60’s in mid November.  We were out for a short day to get in some quality off-roading before the winter settles in.  As I figured we arrived at Paragon Adventure Park and the place was busy.  Apparently everyone else had the same idea of some last minute off-roading.

Our group was small, 3 to be exact, One CJ ( 1978 CJ-5), a Cherokee XJ, and a truggy – a chopped up Jeep J Series truck.  Sometimes small groups allow for cover of a lot of trails and less debate of where to go.  We unloaded, aired down and set out.  We encountered the usual Paragon trails; hills, rocks, and mud.  Enjoy the photos.

Now the cleanup!