Wrangler 4-door Rare Hit for Chrysler

There is a good article on CNNMoney.com about the new Wrangler, here is a few snippets…

“NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) — As car buyers in every market segment turn to smooth-riding, car-based, crossover SUVs, Jeep has a new hit on its hands. But it’s not the small Compass on-roader.”

“It’s the new four-door Wrangler Unlimited. And it is definitely not a crossover. The Wrangler is a serious, no-compromise piece of off-road machinery that can, if you want it to, run errands and take the kids to school, too. But it’s not really designed for that.”

“But while sales of other truck-based SUVs plummet, the Wrangler Unlimited is scrambling off dealer lots.
Days-to-turn, a measure of how long, on average, a vehicle sits unclaimed at dealership, is 20 for the Wrangler Unlimited, according to data from the Power Information Network. For the average vehicle overall, days-to-turn is well in excess of 60.”

“Pricing also shows the four-door Wrangler’s strength. In the six months since it was introduced, the average price paid for a Wrangler Unlimited has gone up, not down, according to the Power Information Network.
“It’s very rare that the price of a new model goes up,” said Tom Libby, an analyst with Power Information Network.”

“Bringing that four-door out really brought in a whole new market,” said John Plecha, director of marketing for Jeep.

I discount the articles bashing the new Wrangler for it’s ride and comforts, those of us buying expect that. It is very pleasing to see the new Wrangler doing so well, I just hope that all the buzz about the DaimlerChrysler spit up goes down favorable for Jeep.

See the full article.

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