Question: Chevy Conversion Transfer Case Option

Question: I am currently building a chevy 350 to put in my jeep YJ. Many people have suggested a th350, or th400 transmission (which is also chevy). My problem is….i have a NP208 transfer case which has the front axle output on the passenger side. The jeep’s driveshaft yolk on the axle…is on the drivers side. Has anyone ever encountered this??…and how do i get past this problem???….Is it possible to flip the axle over…and redo the leafspring mounts?? I would really like to use my choice of drivetrain parts, since i already have them both. Or does anyone know of a transfer case that bolts to a chevy 350…and has the output on the left side?? Mike

Answer: The NP208 is probably not the best choice in this case. Flipping the axle is not possible. Keeping your NP231 would be my choice in this case. The NP231 is a strong and capable transfer case and as a plus your Jeep should already have one. Novak Adapters makes a adapter kits that will mate your NP231 to a TH400 or TH350. In brief the adapter is only 1.4″ (TH400) and 1.1″(TH350) in length and if the engine is installed leaving the transfer case in place you shouldn’t need to change your driveshafts.

One additional recommendation would be, if you use your Jeep off-road you may want to add a slip yoke eliminator to the NP231. For more info on a SYE see: What is a Slip Yoke Eliminator and Why Do You Need It?

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