JK Lockers in 2WD or 4HI

Question: I have an 07 JK Rubicon. The lockers only work in Low Range. Has anyone figured out how to by-pass this feature to run the lockers in High Range? I know they did it on the TJ’s. I’d love to hear if anyone knows how to do it. James – Canyon Lake, CA.

Answer: There have been many trying to work this out but there is no perfect solution as yet. The new JK is SO much under the control of the computer that one needs to fool it to get the lockers to work in anything but low range. Personally, I don’t seem to see the need for lockers outside of low but most Jeepers prefer to be able to make the decision for themselves instead of the Jeep’s computer do it.

I have compiled several sources of information to explain how to get these to work. Most say it works fine but the computer may record error codes, this could have warranty repercussions if you have it in for service.