JK Handling Problems – After the Lift

After lifting the jeepfan.com JK I have been experiencing a constant pull to the right. I have to continuously steer to the left to compensate. After some investigation and some time with a tape measure I discovered that the wheel base is 1/2″ different from one side to the other.

The apparent cause of the problem is the rear axle. The control arms attach to the axle at an angle from the frame. When the lift was installed the increased angle on the track bar caused the axle to shift to the passenger side. This also caused the axle to turn slightly and lose it’s parallel relationship to the front axle. What does this mean? The rear axle is essentially trying to steer the rear of the Jeep to the left. The rear axle steering to the left will give the feeling that the Jeep is turning to the right, causing the driver to steer into the turn – to the left.

This misalignment will chew up a set of tires at a greater rate, not to mention the unpleasant driving experience.

The solution? Install a rear track bar bracket.  See the install – BDS Rear Track Bar Bracket Install