I would like to go on record as to what I would like to see in my Jeep corral. If anybody has one of these out there they’d like to donate 🙂 let me know. In the following order from most wanted.

1. 1973 – 75 CJ-5 Renegade, Yellow, 304, T-14 – Mostly stock, maybe a 2″ lift with 31’s or 32’s just for looks. I have always loved this Jeep, probably my favorite. The hood striping, aluminum wheels, and rear sport bar just seems to strike a happy note with me. I borrowed this image from earlyCJ5.com (great site specializing in the early CJ-5 models.

2. Early 70’s Commando, (I actually like the look of the older type but this model has more room under the hood (4″ longer wheelbase) ), any color, Chevy Small Block, a little build but not radical, TH400, enough lift for 33’s. White wagon wheels, full roll bar, and a loud exhaust. The image on the left is Donahoe Racing’s 1974 Jeepster Commando desert truck. BTW for those of you that like the old front better there is no real difference in the fronts, you can put a CJ front end right on the later style Commando.

    3. 2003-2006 TJ Rubicon Unlimited – 3″ lift, 35 BFG Mud Terrains, soft top, 9000 lb Warn winch, and all kinds of other goodies like a High Lift, Cobra All-in-One CB and on board air. I’d like one of these for my regular trail Jeep, not over the top but a solid tried and true Jeep, real nice for the street and a good time on the trail.

    4. CJ-5 or CJ-7 to go Racing With – I have been a fan of EC4WDA racing forever, some day I’ll do it! As usual a Chevy V8, automatic, etc…

    5. Late 70’s – Early 80’s Jeep Cherokee FSJ – I don’t know a whole lot about these but they are cool. Lifted with 33-35’s, AMC360, headers, nice exhaust.

    6. Willy’s CJ-3B – Personally, I am not a fan of stock Jeeps (but I respect them) and in this case I am not making an exception. I’d like this Jeep lifted, 33’s, 300 HP Chevy Small Block, fenderwell headers, Muncie 4 speed and a full roll bar. Disc brakes in the front with a dual master cylinder. Made for the street – a sleeper.

    7. Any year CJ-7 – As long as it has a V8 (AMC or Chevy), lifted with 33-35’s.

    Yes, there is the predicability of me. V8’s and 33-35″ tires are my thing.

    I could probably go on but I am going to stop here. I didn’t mention a JK because there’s one on the way. See the article The Official jeepfan.com Wrangler JK Unlimited. Of course with all these Jeeps would have to come the unending supply of funds, oversized pole building, and all the time to keep these things running. ~~~~

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    1. I’m also a big fan of Jeep! I’m more on the “off-road” thing.. and the Jeeps are the one that you can trust. They have some of the durable parts like Jeep fan clutch and also have safety measure like seat belts and other accessories that make it one perfect ride. You’ll have the confidence to drive it anywhere at any time..

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